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Virtual Testing

The Skating Club of Central Ohio administers, on a regular basis, tests for skaters that U.S. Figure Skating uses to measure progress. We are excited to offer a new avenue to help skaters continue to test during the current pandemic and the resulting limited ice time.

Below are some basic steps to give you an overview of how a virtual test session will work.  At the bottom of the page, you will find links to the USFS technical notification, Roll-out PowerPoint, FAQs, and other necessary documents.  Please feel free to reach out to our Test Chair with any questions you might have about this new opportunity.

Suggested Steps for a Successful Virtual Test

  • Read the technical notification from USFS (TN 261) and their FAQs.

  • With the help of your coach, arrange for a proctor (and possibly a videographer) to come to a freestyle session of your choosing to film your test.  See below for specifics about who may and may not be a proctor for your test.  If you need help finding a proctor for your test, please reach out to our Test Chair.  We are happy to proctor tests (if we are able) or will help locate someone who can.

  • Film your practice/warm-up as a practice for your videographer. 

  • You can film your test as many times (and on as many days) as you like but may only submit one video. 

  • Everyone present at the filming (skater, coach, proctor, videographer) must sign the USFS testing affidavit.  *Note - the proctor or coach may also serve as the videographer.

  • Upload one video per test to an upload site of your choice. (Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc.)

  • Share the link to your test, an electronic copy of your completed & signed affidavit, and your completed Name and Likeness Release form with and be sure to copy your coach on the email. 

  • After you have sent your video link & affidavit, go to and purchase a virtual test registration for the test you have just uploaded. 

  • If you are not a SCOCO home club member, you will also need to ask your home club to send us your permission to test (just like when you test with us in person). 

  • Your test results should be back within 1 week of the test deadline.

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